Thursday, 25 September 2008

The last weekend

Sorry guy for the long (really long) pause.
I know I`m not a good blogger at all, since I haven`t updated my blog for weeks, but I have had a great time in London and busy in different activities.
For them interested in my experience, I`ve decided to write several posts when I`m back (next week) or at least I hope to do it.
Now I want to resume my last post and complete it.
Where were we? uhm
I talked about we went to the church.
it`s not a church as we (Catholic people) usually think about. The Mass was hosted in a theater, the atmosphere is almost impossible to describe, there are light effects, one band, some preachers and many many guys.
The Mass lasts about 2 hours but it`s not boring or tiring, on the contrary it`s quite relaxing, warm and lively, just to give you an idea, take a look at the intro of their website, it really summaries the atmosphere in the Church and the message they want to deliver.
It was an awesome experience because I thought that something can happen only in the movies. For some aspects it was extraordinary, at the beginning I felt a pent up emotion that came out with a mounting excitement.
At the end I realized that I really enjoined it.
We`ll see

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Piccadilly by night

Sorry guys,

I'm short in time as usual and wiped out to write anything.
In the meanwhile enjoy these pictures that I took while I wandered Piccadilly.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Weekend 2

Dear Guys,

I'm so sorry that I haven't posted for a long time but I was very busy.
In the weekend I did a lot of things, or better, I visited some places. First of all on Friday night we couldn't miss our appointment with one of the club in the lively London.
Obviously I didn't do AM on Saturday morning, but in the afternoon I went (along with other Italian girls) to Camden Town.
Actually, I didn't know this borough, but my friends told me that it's a popular area dotted with lots of stands and it was worth visiting so I took their sound advice and joined them.
As you can see from the pictures below, the market is literally over crowed during the weekend.

I think that the main characteristic of this market is to sell hand crafted objects (clothes, paintings, earrings,...) and the atmosphere, which is a contamination from the hard rock to the Jamaica sounds.

On Sunday I had to go with some classmates to Hampton Court Palace (I made a lot of efforts to persuade my friends to go together to this place.)
Unfortunately, some of my classmates stood Hyun-Jung (from Korea) and me up for a long time that we supposed they didn't want to go to the palace so we decided to wander the area that stretches from the London eye to Tate Modern (it's a museum).

Graffiti under one of the bridge that crosses the Thames.

View of Buckingam palace

During our hike, we came across in a Korean celebration, indeed it wat the korean National day and Hyun-Jung told me about their traditions and culture... an excellent event to know something about a popultation that I don't know at all!

When we arrived to the Tate modern, I made the decision to visit only the floor dedicated to the pop art ( I really like it) and Hyun-Jung, once again, was a good guide that gave me some explanations about the paintings.

outside view of the Tate Modern

In the evening, Fernando and me went to.... church!
Maybe you're wondering " Does Puntino remember the meaning of church?" or "it's a typo, they couldn't go to church" but I'm not taking you for a ride... it's true !
Provided that I want to make this post gripping I'll continue it in the next days...

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

London kisses

....maybe a lot of people know the famous French kiss (actually I have never tried them... I'm teasing you of course !!) , here in London there are the famous London kisses, what do I mean by that ?
That for an unknown reason when I say hallo to someone I never give him/her a kiss on the cheek as I used to do when I was in Italy, it's quite strange because sometimes I tend to kiss someone but I have to stop this natural gesture.
When I say London kiss, simply, I mean those kisses that I never give when I say hallo.

Monday, 8 September 2008

Go sightseeing by bus 88

You can take in London by the bus 88, it's a dirty cheap way of doing sightseeing because it's one of the bus you can get on with your ticket or your Oyster card.

I took it with my friend Fernando, who was my guide for the trip. The bus offers you the views of Tower bridge, Convert Garden and Trafalgar Square. We started our trip from Plimico, a residential area in zone 1 and got off in Trafalgar square where is located the famous National gallery (you can enter for free).
Obviously we entered the National Gallery and we saw the stunning paintings but we want to go back again with another friend of us that will give us some explanations about the paintings.
Then we enjoyed a nice cappuccino, offered by my skinflint (Fernando).
Some pictures...

Excuse me if they aren't very clear because of the rain drops on the glasses of the bus

Sunday, 7 September 2008

One week

I've been here for one week, and the time has been going very quickly.
Yesterday I visited Hyde Park and Harrods mall.
Hyde Park is very nice, a place where you can find the snail's peace. You can see lots of gray squirrels that sometime are close to you, I wish I had brought with me my camera :( to take some pictures of them.
Hyde Park is very large, as you probably know, and we didn't have enough time to wander, but I hope to go back.
To tell the truth, we needed a brief of relief and for this reason we went to Hyde Park.
After we went to the famous Harrods, I was really impressed by the lust.
First of all I didn't expect some kind doormen at the entrance and I didn't know that you can even buy old fossils! it might be a souvenier for some friends of mine :)

On Friday, we ( I mean some Italian friends and me) horsed around Tottenham court road by night. It was funny and my friend Fernando presented me two girls.
Another thing that kept my awareness was that it's not allowed to stay over midnight in some clubs. Why ? I'm looking for an answer ?
We'll see

Thursday, 4 September 2008

149 or 1-4-9

English is a language that can drive you crazy, during these first days I`ve come across the pronunciation of the numbers greater than one hundred.
They have two different pronunciations, the well known one hundred and... but the other one is to spell every single number if you mean the number of the bus.
Going to give an example:
if you get on the No. 149, you have to say "I take the number one-four-nine"
but if you have to pay a bill.. you say:"I pay one hundred and...."

With this post I also want to start a new column "Advice of the day", in which I can give you some, maybe noteworthy, advice.
If you are going to live in an English house with carpet inside, you had better bring with you a huge plenty of socks, because it is not allowed to put your slippers or shoes on and your socks get dirty very soon.

How do you say "I catch up the number 30"? thirty or three-oh ? :)

Monday, 1 September 2008

First day at my English school in London

I'm very sorry if you have missed me :) .
I'm here in London and fortunately it's available a wifi connection so I can keep you posted as it's possible. I wanted to write some notes down before my departure but I ran out of time.
Today I took my English placement at Mayfair school, it was not bad at all and I have to attend an English course in the morning (9-12) from Monday to Friday plus other lessons in the afternoon (I chose a semi intense course).
I haven't had time to horse around London, I saw only Oxford street.
Here I'm guest of a host family, they are very welcoming and friendly.
I'm dead tired.. I go sleeping.

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