Tuesday, 1 April 2008

A day trip to Pompei

Last Sunday I went on a day trip to Pompei, close to Naples, it was an important and lively Roman city in the past, up to 79CE when it was buried by the lava coming out from the volcano Vesuvio after its explosion.
We, my friends and I, had a fun time there and thanks God it was a sunny day which allowed us to look at every single corner of this ancient city and tan our faces!
Along with us there was a girl from Germany to whom I talked for a long time only in English!! poor her! I was really talkative.
I hope I was helpful to her and managed to give her the right information about Pompei since we didn't join any guide.
I wish to show you some pictures that I took

In the following photo you can see a big pond whose real name is impluvium where the rainwater fell down through a special hole(compluvium) in the roof.

The photo on the left displays a wonderful mosaic on a wall of a house named the Venere in the shell, indeed it shows
Venere one Goddess praised by the Romans.
I'm really impressed when I saw its excellent
conditions after lots of centuries.

In the next pictures two mosaics are shown but they were part of the floor ! I didn't expect this but I suppose they were put up only in the riches' houses.

Evidences of Pompeii's final moments were buried and and preserved by the volcanic debris.
Archaeologist reconstructed the victims' bodies by filling the rock cavities left behind after decomposition with plaster, it gives us a frozen time picture of that scaring moment!

Other ruins of Pompei
Anyway we can't live tranquil because the threat of a possible blast, eruption keeps alive and our scientists say that it will be much more intense than the first one !
I'm really scared of hearing this because i wouldn't like at all if someone, in the future, built a statue showing my last breath !

Thanks Zsofia for correcting me

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