Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Answer to my former post

ohhh how many people have answered my former post ?! I'm really impressed !
I'm joking of course, given nobody hasn't answered my question aside from my dearest friend (who already knew my choice) I'm going to answer..

It's London

Now I 'm waiting for your wishes before my departure that is scheduled on 31 August !
Thank you in advance !!

Monday, 25 August 2008

Where are you going?

I looked for my English course and I have found one that I suppose to suit my needs.
Just a question for you.. where do you think I'm going to attend my English course?
London or Dublin


Wednesday, 20 August 2008

My neighborhood

Every suburb of every city brings its own history, I think.
By looking at them you know the dirty and lousily side of the city.
My neighborhood are grey, like the old asphalt with pits, sometimes white like the colors of the houses or the fear upon the face of them that reach my neighborhood, or black like the color of the wheels pile near the dumps or the bereavement for who has been killed or dead in a senseless incident.
In my neighborhood you see the black people drive an expensive car with gold necklace as big as a chain, or you'll see other waiting near a roundabout for someone who give a day work...a black labor market.
In this damn neighborhood every dumps is burnt because of the recent wast management disaster or simply for fun.
Fun ? Yes, here fun is to run on the street as fast as it's possible by car or by motorbike, it doesn't matter if there are children that are playing at football or crossing the street.
At night you had better not take a walk on this wild side you can run a risk, which risk?... someone will make off with your!
You can become a witness of something that it's better not to see or it may happen you hear what you mustn't hear.
There is something that you can hear without any problem, it's the rowdy sound coming from the boosters of those flaming cars.

Monday, 18 August 2008

About the life

"When you think about changing your life, it is like to plunge in the sea with a jump"

Thought by Top, English translation by Puntino

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Don't buy them !!

You know, I'm striving to get my English better with different kinds of efforts and "little experiments".
I have already told you that I try to use an English dictionary instead of a translator. For this reason I bought some months ago a dictionary and "phrasal verbs" dictionary, both depicted in the picture below. I wanted them to be portable thus I can bring them with me everywhere for this reason they look very small in the picture.

Concern about the School dictionary which is an English dictionary, it has a wide list of vocabulary with a deep explanation despite its small size. Unfortunately it lacks the pronunciation for the words and that would be very useful to me!
Anyway it's my fault because I should have checked this before buying it!
Regarding the phrasal verb is not good at all!!
It misses many phrasal verbs that I manage to find in the school dictionary. Honestly, it is not worth buying, trust me.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

A great surprise

In the afternoon I received a wonderful gift by my American friend Scott, look at the picture below:

They are 7 books (in English of course) that Scott advised me to read and I wanted to do it
!! it's awesome
Thank you, Scott

From which to start ? :)

Saturday, 9 August 2008

My dilemma: accommodation in a host family

As you know I m' looking for an English course abroad.
I want to spent about one month and half in an English speaking country so I have to crunch the numbers carefully and be care about my choices. You can run out of money quickly in a new country that you don't know yet :)
I would have opted for an accommodation in a host family who provides bed, breakfast and dinner too. It seems a less expensive solution compared to others offered by the schools.
Anyway given my age (I'm 25) I could look like a chubby child who needs someone to take care about him! without knowing that in somewhat I'm forced to chose this solution.
Have you info about students old like me hosted in a host family ?
How was their experience ?

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