Sunday, 16 May 2010


Do you believe in fate?
I sustain this idea, it is quite simple.
Many things happen to us, we run into unanticipated events, people and places...
When this unpredictable situations occur we make a decision whether to pick them or not.
Decisions deliberately made, without a specific crunchy reasons behind them.
Sometimes just a word, a smile, a distraction drive our life towards another direction.
We can barely control our life, definitely.
Serendipity, do you know the movie?
I do believe that this theory mostly applies to love-story,
love should came out easily, no effort to find the "right" person... like the two protagonists of this romantic movie do

Or conversely shall we create our opportunities, encourage ourselves to take another street?
The Legend of 1900 here comes, another movie.
Shall we act like T.D. Lemmons? Accept to live on a ship for ever because scared of
the infinity possibilities that are beyond our sight or take the plunge and go ashore?

Sunday, 9 May 2010


It is not what kind of problems that makes us academicians, but how we manage to sort it out.

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