Saturday, 28 February 2009

Easy Love

With your breath I lived,
in your eyes there was my broken mirror,
From your mouth my misunderstood thoughts came,
Your sharpened voice in my ear, never in my mind.

Get out of our rut, let's play with our souls
no fear, time goes, it doesn' t wolf our days,
it simply ticks at the same pace.

Tomorrow it's another joy-day, you don't need to plan it
With sorrows and pains, Love flame fades away, dear.

I lie flat on my playground,
eyeing the sky and smiling to my faith,
I know my everlasting Love will come.

By Puntino

Wednesday, 25 February 2009


The only risk is not to risk...

Monday, 16 February 2009

Male thoughts

= stupid thoughts !! (not always, actually !)
Some week ago, my flatmate and I wondered why the best cook are male while at home, usually, in our country the women is the Queen of the kitchen.
This silly and trivial question received a first answer by Zsofia, a dear friend of mine. In her opinion the people tend to be committed with other tasks, when they are at home.
if they work as teachers at home they don't like to teach their own children and so on.
An interesting theory, what do you think about ?

Another thing that I've noticed during these days. I spent most part of my work reading technical books and I discivered the existence of a masculine oriented literature. Let me spell out a lot of books are written keeping in mind that only man can read them. It's likely to be true for some kind of topics (e.g. computer network, programming languages,...) but they should never point towards a specific reader, I rekoon.
So I've run into loads of "his" and "him" and if the reader was a woman ?

Monday, 9 February 2009

Last goodby


I'm going to speak about a sad and harsh topic, if you are not in the right mood, store this post for a better time. The last weeks have been crucial,intense and bitter in Italy due to the strong debate about the euthanasia.
As a matter of fact, we've been arguing since Eluana Englaro's story was under the spot light.
Eluana was a woman who had a cruel incident ten years ago from which she got out of alive but in a coma, at the age of 20.
To make matter worse, she has been condemned to be tied to a bed whenever she had woken up, because of a spinal column fracture.
Eluana's pains were so strong that after 12 months it was possible to make a clear and definite diagnose: Eluana will live for ever in a permanent coma. For the English and American medical authorities is reasonable to state the neurological death and it's allowed to suspend the artificial nutrition.
Here in Italy, we couldn't consider this tough and painful fact because the Italian justice rejected the requirement of Eluana's father (Beppino Englaro) of blocking the artificial care assistance.
For this reason, in the 90's, Eluana story's got visibility: it was the first sign of a lasting, frustrating fight between Eluana's father and the Italian state.
A doubtful proof of Eluana's willing turned out through a friend of hers' confession.
She will have never accepted to live in that way, he said to have listened to this words by Eluana when they spoke about a similar topic before all this occurred.
Beppino Englaro conviced of the medical sentence (she'll never get alive back) and the Eluana's friend confession kept up his personal battle and more than once he asked to suspend the medical treatment for her daughter. A tiring series of battles against the Italian justice.
After a number of sentences from all levels of Italian justice system, Beppino, finally managed to receive from the highest court the permission to suspend the artificial nutrition, it was 8 October 2009.
The last and most dramatic step, Eluana was taken to a hospital where she could take the last breath of her life by suspending the care assistance gradually.
People who have followed this fact split up: with Beppino or against him.
It's a national involvement, people who still want Eluana to receive her cures and others who decide to leave her poor father to make his decision.
Behind this event, there is the lack of the Living will. We can't express how we would like to be cured in such a situation.
This last week the blind run of our government has started to rule this matter, a faint hope..
Tonight Eluana has passed away... goodbye Eluana

I'm totally convinced that we have the right to decide in this case and if we haven't expressed our will, someone who deeply knows us can take the plunge and act on our behalf, definitely .
Church, Pope, any national government can't and mustn't replace us in this situation.
There is no a reason for their intervention or speech. We are free and, after our 18s, able to decide (we are supposed to be mature...)
By the way, what do you think?
What is the feeling in you country or where you've moved to?
Have your government ruled this event in somehow ?
Please let me know

Sunday, 1 February 2009

New prospective

These days are making me discover new prospective of life. I know I made a big change weeks ago, house moving, getting a job and so on...
But it's different what I feel now. I see my life like one sitting in front of an aquarium, I see what happen to me and how I react, it's hard to put it into written words. From this unusual point of view, I also see people who were compelled to move from their country and come here, they have a strong visible sign on their face like I have.
I can understand their efforts and feel much closer them to me, now. To open my mind there is Olga's speech.
Olga is one of my flatmates' girlfriend, she is from Ukraine, she works as a caregiver.
Today we spoke about being immigrants, living alone in a foreign country, her difficulties and challenges faced day by day.
Olga, smiling, says: "nobody is waiting for you, it's hard to gain people's trustiness but I never give up". Brave, happiness, pain, determination enveloped in a unique simple sentence.
Olga says: "My son wants to join me, I discourage him, here is not easy to get by and again I remark nobody is waiting for you, please I beg you stay in our country, I'll help you". Mother's love.
Olga says:"I try to shape up my Italian, when I come across a new word I look up in my dictionary and please correct me when I make a mistake". The immigrant willing to be part of the hosting society.
Olga says:"I have to work hard every day, but I also enjoy my life, even now that I'm talking to you". We have one life, fill it with all the possible experiences that you can live.
Olga carries on speaking and I learn from her.


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