Sunday, 25 April 2010

How to present your Working package

Dear guys,
As I wrote in my former post, I attended two European meetings last weeks.
One of them gave me a preliminary idea on how to present your working package. Firstly, a kick off meeting is hold, mainly, because the partners need to present their working packages and duties. For the ones not aware of the structure of an European project, they are split into working package (WP).
Each WP represents a "work unit" that encompasses some tasks. The WP is presented by its leader. I prepared the slides for the working package in which was involved my university (but I didn't present it). After the meeting realized that I was neglect on some points. What I learnt and I wish to share with you is:
  • Kick off meeting is not only a presentation of your institution and the working package you're charged of.
  • Avoid presenting your working packages as a standalone piece, it has interactions with other WPs, find and highlight them.
  • Show the potential weak and toughest points, your partners and you might agree on a common strategy to sort them out.
  • Propose and discuss solutions, if you already have any in your mind.
I hope this helps, let me know if you have other suggestions.

European meetings

Dear guys,
Last weeks I attended two weeks.The first meeting was two weeks ago in my city. The audience was heterogeneous, exponents coming from both academic and industrial world. The meeting lasted the entire days and several panelists had their talk, some of them were well known professors. This meeting was interesting because I gained a deeper insight about some scientific topics that I ignored or barely knew,

The second meeting held in Rome last Friday was more exciting and with a different focus. It was a kick off meeting that involved all the partners of a consortium.
This fruitful and amenable meeting helped me to understand how different European groups join and work. Indeed the participants were German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, CECIc and... Hungarian :) and they have expertise on different subjects. To tell the true, a kick off meeting is not easy to chair. You have to keep things moving correctly since it's the first meeting you have to establish the roles of the partners. Moreover, these meetings are a viable opportunity to make new partnership,
exchange contacts and ideas. I personally managed to get in touch with two people who might cooperate in the future for some research activities :)

But the best part of any meeting is ... the lunch and coffee break!
You can't miss them.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Sunday, 4 April 2010

What Pulcinella are you looking for?

I've seen the statistic for my blog, I noticed that a lot of you research the word "pulcinella" and get my blog about this character. I don't think that it is what you were searching, maybe you were more interested in the "Pulcinella di Mare" that is a popular kind of bird. Please let me know what pulcinella brought you here when you search by "pulcinlla". Thank you.

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