Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Travelling with hopes


I apologize that I haven't written anything for a long time, in these days I'm traveling.
Travel with a faint hope (sometimes) to get a job.
As soon as I can I post something about London.

Monday, 20 October 2008

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Seiko's pen

When I was in London I met some guys and I stroke up a friendship that I hope will be lasting.
I've never spoke about and now I want to write some lines.
My classmates were mostly Asian people, Koreans, Japanese and with them I spent my time during the lessons, just once I went out with Nyungian to visit the Tate Modern.
Among them there was Seiko (Japanese) who is friendly and she laughed at me a lot of times. I always asked her to lend me her blue pen. I thought it was a special Japanese pen because of the Japanese characters signed on it. She, Seiko, said to me it's not Japanese you can buy it everywhere in London but I replied it's not true and I needed her special pen to do my exercise.
She, kindly, lent it to me but recommended to give her pen back. I always gave her the pen.. day to day we fought like cat and dog for this.
The last day Seiko said to me "I want to give you a present, it is my NOT Japanese pen as a sign of your friendship". I happily took it and I've been keeping it jealously .

In the afternoon I usually went out with my Spanish and Brazilian friends and we had a whale of a time. It was wonderful to wander London and mass around with them or simply to drink a pint of beer.
With the Spanish and Brazilian people I got in touch easily and immediately, it was almost normal to spend our free time together, perhaps it was due to the fact we were arrived all us alone or because we are sunny, shiny, share our history and we have the same behavior.
I still thank to God to let me know these people.
It was funny to speak to M. (Spanish friend) who always said to me "quick", "quick" while we were crossing the street or you're not a good photographer at all !! I'm missing these moments...

Saturday, 11 October 2008


I have my lungs full of life I don't want to empty them...

Friday, 10 October 2008

On the bus

London is an endless list of new experiences for me, I chose to speak in this topic about the "bus".
The buses are, generally, efficient I mean they go regularly but sometimes they don't make a stop, I don't know why and it's really dreadful. Apparently there are no compelling reasons to avoid stopping, in most cases we weren't packed like sardines or the bus wasn't completely full.
On the bus, in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening in other words the silence always reigns in it.
I took the bus everyday and every hour, during my daily trip I saw many people reading a book or a magazine or a newspaper if you are lucky to have a seat, it's a quiet place where you can even prepare your exams.
If you don't sit you had better hold on the pole because the drivers run quickly from one stop to another and break at once before stopping. Maybe this is the answer to my own question "Why in London do the engines of the buses block all of a sudden and it's necessary a wrecker?"
I'm not kidding, sometimes it happened that the bus had stopped running and we needed to get off and wait for another one!
Generally the people on the bus are quite polite and offer their seat for the ones less able to stand. I honestly recommend you to do this and after, you also will hear "you're really kind"as a form of thanking.
Yet, some buses unfortunately not all them (but it' s better than nothing) are fully equipped to allow people on wheelchair to get on easily without any help, it's simply great and a sign of a civic minded society.
The drivers are rather strict, serious (and pissed off), you must respect the rules: before boarding buy your ticket from the machine near
the shelter; don't ask or beg an additional or extraordinary stop it doesn't
matter if you forget your things near the former stop; touch in your oyster card.
Other silly and unpredictable thing: sometimes during your trip the buses may change their ordinary route, they warn you about this but you can imagine it's not pleasant at all.
Be ready to change the way to get your destination or be patient to get off and wait for another bus!
What else ?
I think there' s nothing more to add.

Advice of the day: never buy socks in Primark.... they are dirt cheap BUT they aren't worth buying

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