Thursday, 31 January 2008

A storm on Italy

Italy has facing a really hard time, day by day the situation gets worse and soon or later it'll fall down!
What's on?
Let's proceed with order, first the rubbish crisis in Campania is still unsolved, people keep on refusing incinerators or dump sin their backyards, at the moment Naples is being cleaned up but we haven't found any final solution yet.
We are sending our rubbish to other Italian regions and German, the incinerator in Acerra is still under construction and our unqualified politicians are arguing which the best solution is.
It seems they want to reopen some old and dismissed dumps in Campania but the local people don't want, because they are responsible for a number of cancer cases.

Secondly Mastella family is under the fire, first only Clemente Mastella (Minister of justice) was at the centre of "why not" investigation by De Magistris, but the smart minister saved his skin by making De Magisitris snatched away.
Then it has been the turn of Mastella 's relatives, both his wife and brother in law who have been arrested, at the moment, no one knows anything about the accusations laid against them however Clemente Mastella decided to resign because he said I have to stay near my family in this nasty and sad moment.

Consequence of Mastella's decision, Romano Prodi our prime minister has been forced to resign and we have an interim government whose goal is to reform electoral rules and then will vote again.

Monday, 28 January 2008

Listening to the songs

I think there are many exercises in order to practice your English listening skills, just one of them is to listen to songs and try to guess the words of their lyrics, surfing on Internet I found a helpful web site, where there are some well known lyrics with some missing words which you should catch when you're listening to the song and fill in the gaps.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Circle only has one side

Today I listened to a song, many times, which makes me reflect. I found this song on my desktop by chance, its name is "Side" by Travis, do you know them?

The song has a pleasant rhythm and some verses are awesome, I report some of them, which impressed me very much:

..." We all live under the same sky
We all will live, we all will die
There is no wrong, there is no right
The circle only has one side"....

I was thinking how many times we state what is normal, right for us and regrettably sometimes we make sentences like a judge or we put some life styles down, but we don't see when our behaviour isn't very correct or weird, in the end if someone acts in a strange way or an unconventional manner it couldn't be a problem if they aren't doing something which could be dangerous for themselves or for the society, what right do we have ?!
Who can say which is the right side, maybe the left side ?
it's truth the "circle only has one side"
Human being is tough, and every one has the right to be what they wish.
Of course in front of some horrible and crazy facts, like young boys who kill other teenagers or pedophilia we have the duty and the brave to charge the authors of some nasty acts because they don't mean to be "strange" or searching our street in a very exclusive way.

The lyrics say "We all live under the same sky" and it is tremendously true and my mind goes thinking about Oscar Pistorius the Paralympic champion runner, I don't share the final decision of leaving him out from the next Olympic because it's really hard to understand the reason: he takes advantage with his artificial legs.
Can you say this to someone who hasn't got their both legs since they were a child !
It was better to say something like: oscar Pistorious keeps our awareness, we need new
rules, we are not prepared and we hope to write them just right for the next Chinese Olympic, it will be our commitment!

The life is sometimes dramatical weird....the circle only has one side and we aren't circles.

What do you think about?
Thank to Zsofia for her corrections

Saturday, 5 January 2008

An old board game...

I don't like playing cards very much, I don't know games like poker but only some easy ones I learnt when I was a child (in my childhood I used to play cards with my maternal grandfather).
This year, I played, after a very long time, an old board game called Hero Quest, it was like coming back to my past when I played it with my friends.
I found this kind of games appealing and a funny way of spending your free time, unfortunately now I haven't got any free time to spend on it.

I can't forget the pleasure of choosing your plastic miniature (dwarf, elf,..) with their eye catching
shape, challenging the "game master" and the sound of rolling dices.
I think this kind of games are much better than playing alone against a stupid and motionless machine like a Pc. If a day I have some sons I will encourage them to play board games with real dices and touchable challengers. What do you think about?

Thank you Zsofia for her corrections

Friday, 4 January 2008

Dumps? Not in my backyard !

Napoli has been facing a dirty and demeaning situation since last summer, I'm speaking about the rubbish spread everywhere due to the dumps lack.
The emergency has become so strong that the European Commission has alerted Italian government to possible fines if Naples will not get out of its rubbish.
At the moment the Campania region government (whose Naples is the capital city) is looking for places where to build a temporal dump, and as you can imagine the people who live there refuse the building of any dump even for a short time, and I think they are right because we need an effective solution, we mustn't put it off anymore.
In the meanwhile the rubbish heaps grow day by day and the people frustrated by unbearable stench have got to torching the rubbish pile.

Who is responsible for this upset situation?

The mayor of Naples, Rosa Russo Iervolino, says I haven't the power to sort out this problem and pass the ball to her friend and region president Antonio Bassolino who has been saying nothing, Where is Antonio ?
I read some articles (mostly by BBC journalist) and no one of them mention the word criminal organization.
Behind all, there is the criminal organization's paw which, for a longer time , has taken over the rubbish collection system.
An example in Naples there was a dismissed petrol station whose fuel cisterns were completely
full of rubbish, it isn't a fantasy story.
I'm laughing and crying at the same time...In the rest of the world the people are discussing "the going in green"... what a shame

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