Saturday, 30 May 2009

Goodbye Ricccardo

It was January, my first work experience, my first project and I met Riccardo, recently graduated like me. We didn't know each other but sooner we discovered to share the same dreams, ideas and the spirit to tackle down every challenge ! .
Someone named us "Cluster"for our extraordinary capacity to work together and accomplish every task. Someone thought that we have been friends for a long time... even thought our friendship was born only some months ago..
Riccardo, an indefatigable worker, a true and kind person, an intelligent guy.
I will never forget when we burst in a loud laugh (mixed with some sarcasm and desperation) in the late afternoon after an entire day spent to do some researches for our first project, trying to do our best.
How can I forget how you pronounced in English some words and your willingness to improve it and follow my advice.

Now, Riccardo is going to take another chance, another opportunity and I wish him all the best hopefully we'll keep in touch. Good luck Riccardo !

Saturday, 23 May 2009

What do you look when you choose your apartment?

I want to list what someone should look for when he/she chooses his/her room:
  1. The flatmates: they should be old like you're, it helps you to make new friends and to feel in your comfortable zone.
  2. Students with students, workers with workers: in other words, partying doesn't match with working :)
  3. The floor: I live in an apartment at the lowest floor of the building and I can barely see the sun light of this wonderful days :(
  4. The furniture: try to have enough furniture to put your things...
  5. Number of people: more than three people with one's a bit tough to share it
  6. Location. if it is well served by public transport it's better otherwise... car
  7. Balcony: I would like to dry my wet clothes easily by taking advantage of sun, above all during summer !
  8. What am I missing out ?

Friday, 22 May 2009

to throw the conscious to the wind

is what I would like to do now !

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Free admission weekend

As I anticipated I had my tourist tour in Rome a week ago. It was nifty and winding down for my mind but not for my legs :)
I started off on Saturday afternoon with "Il Vittoriano" Palace in which mementos of our history have been collected since the Renaissance. To tell the truth in some show rooms there is a bit of confusion because in the same area were messed up symbols of Futurismo with Risorgimento (Reinaissance).
In the palace, statues and portraits fill all the rooms as you can reasonably expect, but the thing that caught my attention was a post about Futurismo. I have always been attracted by the Futuristi's words and dialectic, even if their speech, sometimes it's harsh and bloody, but on the whole it is vigorous.
In the palace you can also run into some Roman wall paintings!!!, they are just spots !

On the contrary if you want to find out about Roman history, you must visit Foro Romano and
Foro Traiano. Visiting them took me the entire Sunday. You can go through those old ruins and try to imagine how the Roman society lived.
We discovered that the marble with which the pillars and interior house objects are made of varies, some have even a quirk name. For example, there is a marble slab called "Cipollino" little onion, its name is due to the several layers, from the grey to the red colour, that compose it !

I even learnt that Romans used to build up animal shaped statues!!!. As far as I know Egyptian
> were accustomed to it, but I ignored Romans had this habit either.
Unfortunately, I didn't join a guide there and it was needed because I could have gained a deep insight :)

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