Thursday, 29 January 2009

Rome is getting cold

When I went to Rome I was surprised how warm it was despite of winter time... now I'm changing my mind, Rome is as cold as Naples !!

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Stupid to say..

Once again I regret to say that I'm short of time this period of my life, a lot of things are going to change unexpectedly!!
From now on I will never say expressions like "sorry if I write only now" or similar's pointless, trivial!
I'm back in Naples, actually I was forced to come back because I had to fix my old desktop.
In Rome I can't say that all is going fine, I have been facing some problems at work, I hope it's normal for a freshman...
The thing that I'm suffering from the most, it 's that I can't keep in contact with all my friends when I'm in Naples. Since I'm in a friendship with several people belonging to different loops and I have just one night when I come back, it's hard to pick the one to join.
To make matter worse, I come back twice a month (this weekend is an exception), I can't endure it.
I also think that the time when the Friends come out, the ones will never leave you alone and smiling when you're back !
It's the curve of our life, ruled from a complicated equation! I've known it will happen sooner or later, because of the decision I have made for my life. I've always considered myself a tinker.
While writing this blog, I'm listening to one of the best musician ever: Jeff Buckley

Saturday, 17 January 2009

The first post after moving to Rome

How are you
..well, a long time has gone, I' m really sorry but every day a new thing comes out !!
For instance, the day before yesterday I planned to buy a device for my PC, it meant to waste a lot of time queueing from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm then I went to home, wiped out at 9:15 pm.
Yesterday, I was really unlucky because my Internet connection at home was out of service. Anyway my work is really interesting and at the same time I feel lucky because I can say that it is heavily related to my university background, I don't have to throw away my university competencies as some friends of mine have to do. I joined a friendly team whose members are ready to help me and get my way in. Among them, there is Paolo with whom I'm pleased and
glad to speak in English.
He is Italian like me, but he has a good proficiency in English. All my colleagues are from Rome and their accent is funny and weird, I'll get used to listening to it soon.
My home is far away from my office, it takes me about 1 hour walking and by bus to get to office, I don't mind it because in the meanwhile I can schedule my things.
What about you ? any news?

Sunday, 4 January 2009


Dear guys,

Time is up!! I have to move to Rome to start my new life there, I got a job or to precise I'm going to attend internship which lasts 3 months after they would offer a contract.
I hope I can write on this blog regularly, tell my adventures in Rome and so on.

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