Monday, 27 April 2009

Speaking about your boss

I don't have any boss, at most I have a guide.... and I choose him/her

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Free admission in Rome

It's the free admission week at Roman museums, actually today is the last chance to visit them for free... try to guess what I'm going to do..

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Following what ?

After my studies at university I can say that I've just started to hand my Life, definitely.
Until some months ago, my life was filled with many things: dreams, desires, travels and so on but everything traveled on well-know rails, I could know when some things had to happen, it was more than guessing a date or an event.
Since I moved to Rome, I can say that my life is off the train, thanks to God.
I don't know what's going to happen and I live every day with more expatiation than I did before.
There are a lot of things that I'd like to change, like my job, it is sometimes mind-numbing not excited how I wished, strike up new friendship, I need new people around me with whom to share only my dreams.
I heat to find me and other people sipping our beer and after a while start speaking about our work in an end less conversation. It's par for the course to discuss about your work, exchange your experiences, etc but I can't afford an antire conversation about your crappy work.

I honestly miss my conversation with Gigi Electrionic and Top, with them I feel like a fish IN the water, not like someone is swiming against the current.
They are really good friends, with them I fell in my comfortable zone and get the force to pursue my happyness.

What I'd like it's going to happpen is to meet some quirky, interesting, buzzing people with whom I can share my passions, like travelling, English, literature, desire to moving out from our native country.
When I read my fellow blogs about Sweden, I get encouraged and I hope to meet people like them.
I feel that I'm not alone, many people follow my same dream, have my same willingness to change their life, but where are them? what do they do in order to make their dreams true? Do they live just in another country ?
I'd like to get in touch with someone who is following something.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Lesson learnt

Dear guys,
Before leaving Rome for my Easter holiday my manager delegated to me the translation of project written in Italian into English.
It's going to be really challenging and helpful to improve my business English.
In order to have a good translation, I thought of studying some project management guides in English because it's much easier to get the proper words that match the Italian ones.
I suppose that this translation methodology makes much more sense than looking up in a vocabulary and get a translation. Anyway I have to be very careful because this project will be sent to our French board direction...
While reading the guide as I mentioned above, I've noticed an interesting section called "lesson learnt".
I think it expresses the idea of a continual improvement, the willingness to learn from the previous mistakes and results. As you can imagine this section is missing in my Italian documentation... upsetting !!
This lack shows how we manage our project and more generally our methodology !

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Becoming crazy or feeding my mind?

Dear guys
I've started to study Swedish on my own, unfortunately I can' t attend a Swedish course at the moment.
The pronunciation is really painful (it's a royal pain to me, honestly!) but I'm trying to do my best. The weird thing is how I study it.
Maybe you could suppose that I refer to the plenty of free available resources on Internet, it covers only a small part of my work. I mostly use a self teaching book whose explanations are in English... so to learn a new language, Swedish, I go through to another foreign language, English... at least I can master the latter fairly :)
One friend of mine said to me: it's good, you can train two languages at the same time.
It's true, and it's not maddening (for me)... I'd say it's quirky :)
the final results are:
  • I don't use Italian language for my notes (written only in English :)
  • When I pronounce Swedish words for some reason, I use an English accent (I had better say American accent). For example I tend to apply the "schwa" sound for words like Här, år
Curious ...


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