Wednesday, 4 June 2008

From the rubbish to the coffee

In my last post I spoke about the rubbish emergency in Naples. At this time I want to be optimistic and show you a worth noticing idea that might help us to get rid of this situation.
A friend of mine, Gigi, advised me about the possibility to recycle the half litre bottle (made up of PET) and the common can.
You can go to Filangieri street and there you'll find a recycling machine, it is still an experimental version, indeed it can't compress your bottle and you're forced to put them in without shaping otherwise the machine isn't able to recognize that a bottle got in.
In addition to this model others which should be more sophisticated are expected.
How does it work?
Simply you have to fill the machine in with thirty bottles of water and it gives you in turn a bill whose value is about 1.5€ with it you can buy a good Neapolitan coffee (the machine is near a bar ;- )
I read that other similar machines are coming up and they are likely to be placed in public places like cinema, in this case you receive a ticket for the cinema as prime for your well behaviour.
In some European countries this kind of machines are widely spread, for instance when I was in Stockholm I saw some of them out of the supermarket.
This is just the first attempt to get people recycle their wastes, grow in our conscious a new thought towards the environment.
Here's the video, unfortunately it is in Italian I didn't manage to find an English version.


Rob said...

Yes, we have them here in Sweden, and it's the same in Denmark... I have to say, I never use them, I'm a bad guy, eh eh, but the idea is really good.
In Napoli they're a little bit cheap though, they could have choosen a lower number of bottles...

TopGun [Ace In The Storm] said...

Wanna listen a little Joke?

My grandfather, had to pay a rubbish bill (I hope it's the right word for tassa sui rifiuti o bolletta dei rifiuti...insomma 'a cart' rà munnezz!lol) of 1000€.

We have done a recours obviously...but 1000€ for a non existente's the same old Italian story!



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